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Design and Installation

We specialize in adding layers to your garden and making it functional, easy to move through and refreshing. It's important that the outdoor space complements the property and feels good to the owners.

Walk path

Walk Paths

Add inviting walk paths that are both functional and add layers of beauty to your landscape.

Decorative gravel

Decorative Gravel

Stone gives a clean look and is permanent compared to mulch. We'll help you find the decorative gravel that completes your garden beds.

Fenceline before


Sometimes it's time to replace old shrubs to clean up and modernize the look. 

Fenceline after


The new plants along a fence can complement the fence line and add space to the backyard.

Front bed before


Sometimes builders put the wrong plants in and they don't do well with the soil and conditions.

Front bed after


With the right materials, plus soil replenishment, this front garden bed has a much cleaner look.

Add personality to your property.

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